Many transport companies have discovered that as their business grows the HR aspects require more and more time. Also, the regulatory and legal environment is getting more complicated many companies have hired a PEO to handle the non-revenue producing activities that do not enhance the transportation business’s bottom line.



A PEO is also known as a Professional Employer Organization. It is a firm that helps client companies to cost-effectively outsource most of their HR management responsibilities.

PEO’s assist businesses with managing complex employment tasks like payroll administration, Human Resource and Compliance, Employee Benefits, Risk Management, and Workers’ Compensation Management. PEO’s also offer expanded HR services like recruiting, time and attendance, performance management and employee training. This allows owners and managers to focus on the operational and revenue-producing side of their business.

So, working with a PEO means that you will work with a single company rather than many for these services. There are several unique advantages of working with a PEO company as it provides access to big-company buying power and resources while minimizing risks and business threats.

Businesses across the country have discovered the value of PEO services and approximately 2 million employees in the US are covered through this type of co-employment relationship. Mannforce provides outstanding PEO solutions and helps businesses to:

  • Alleviate their administrative burden.
  • Focus on goals rather than paperwork.
  • Reduce liability with improved employment practices, risk management, and compliance.
  • Recruit and retain top talent by providing access to high-quality, affordable employee benefit plans.
  • Improve productivity and profitability through employee and management training.

If HR issues are keeping your company from reaching its full potential or if you are buried in paperwork and struggling to retain employees, it is time to partner with Mannforce. As a transportation PEO, we are uniquely positioned to provide customized solutions to our clients and provide you with experts who are ready to take the burden off your plate.

Mannforce PEO professionals have an in-depth understanding of the transportation industry and are well-versed in all aspects of personal administration and labor management. We have the expertise to handle the administrative side of your business while you focus on what you do best- running your business.


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